Our Personal Story

Meet our handsome son, Lex. I won’t share with you the terrible and negative aspects of autism and how it’s affected our son and our family, because that’s not Lex as a person. Lex, although he is non-verbal, shows his love with his contagious smile and those big beautiful brown eyes. If you take the time to acknowledge him, he will acknowledge you back with a friendly smile and if you’re lucky, a hug that will melt your heart. Autism has its challenges, and they are different for each individual and family. For our family, the biggest challenge is inclusion into a world that doesn’t understand. Our mission is to not only give to research, but to help people with autism feel safe, welcomed, and understood. We want Lex and others with autism to live a life most fulfilling. If you ever get the chance to meet our son in person (or anyone with autism), please say “hello” and know that’s a step forward in creating a more inclusive world for him and others.

Lex Krakowski