Research & Inclusion

The mission of the XEL FOUNDATION is to support progressive and promising autism research and provide inclusive opportunities for individuals with autism and other sensory challenges.


The XEL FOUNDATION has raised over $950,000 and has signed a five-year contract to fund $1,000,000 of research. This commitment is with the Autism Discovery & Treatment Fund ( This fund is headed by Dr. Richard Frye, MD, PhD, FAAP, FAAN, CPI. After meeting and reviewing his research the XEL board felt that his research most closely matched the foundations mission and values.  The foundation has agreed to fund a hand selected research, over a 5-year period. Our first donation was for $200,000.

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The XEL FOUNDATION has also established a partnership with KultureCity ( to provide inclusive opportunities for individuals that are neurodiverse. We support the opening of sensory rooms at venues and a sensory vehicle for events to provide a safe space for those individuals that may find the event or venue overwhelming. For more information please visit

To make a donation visit the link above, thank you for supporting the foundation.

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