Board Member - John Krakowski

John Krakowskix

Committees: Gifting

John Krakowski is the Vice President of Business Development at R&R Express with over 10 + years of business and growth experience in the transportation industry. He is the father of Lex, whom the foundation is named after.   Together with his team, numerous facilities, and the generosity of the R&R family of companies they will raise money by donating $.54 a truckload which is then matched by R&R Express. R&R Express and the family of companies moves thousands of truckloads a month and the XEL Foundation will receive continuous donations on their behalf. Without their contributions, none of this could happen and John is proud to lead that effort.  Together, with his team and the other R&R Companies they have developed a foundational and meaningful group called the “LEX Go Club!” that speaks to the support and generosity of these companies to help those impacted move beyond autism.